Sicily kite lounge, scuola di kite sicilia, corsi kite in sicilia

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The school is open all year round thanks to Sicilyís mild temperatures even in winter and constant wind. Sicily Kite Lounge courses are tailored to your skills and needs. All courses are conducted in personal trainer mode, with one instructor per student for the entire duration of the Beginnerís Course. Structured for beginners, the experience of our instructors acquired in more than a decade will help everyone reach the objective of thrilling sports action quickly in total safety. All the material necessary: kite, board, control bar, wet-suit, etc. is provided by the school..
The Beginnerís Course: usually lasts around 5 hours. The first hour is dedicated to theory; this means leaning about the wind, the equipment, and safety. Students enter the water with the kite already in their second hour, and begin acquiring familiarity with its power within the flight window, and then continue with body drag .and the first take-offs that lead to the first flights.
Advanced Technique Courses: Our instructors are at complete disposal for all those who have already completed a beginnerís course and wish to improve their position, sail close to the wind, or make their first jump and first maneuvers, etc., and stay at the studentís side to achieve the objective posed.
Advanced Freestyle Course: Are you Advanced? Are you ready for your first unhooked maneuvers? Your first maneuvers under wind power? Gege' offers you his 10 years of experience to help you break into the Rally, Handle pass, and Mobe worlds; Support using video/teaching materials!!!